SmartCoach Desktop

is the companion software to be used with all SmartCoach products:

In a SmartCoach Pro environment, it is used by the technical staff to plan the athletes’ schedules and analyze their data after training.

In this case, data recording and real-time feedback to the athlete is done on the Bolt Pads mounted on each training device

Portable Line, the measuring device (Bolt, Bolt Lite, SmartPlate, etc.) is connected directly to the PC running the software, which is also used for recording and feedback during exercise

The software is equipped with all the functions for planning, exercising and assessing training performance:

A training schedule editor, with a library of 1000s of
exercises (weights, flywheel, Keiser® etc) and the possibility to create own ones

Powerful real-time feedback with several operating modes
including: basic metrics, Velocity Based Training (VBT),
eccentric training and so on

Reports generator, to create a summary of the training
progress on the desired exercises and time periods

A training progress analysis tool, to assess and track changes
over time of any training variable: speed, force, power, work, etc

Integrated tests to assess 1RM, force-velocity profiles, left/right imbalance, etc

Data export to Excel and to the major athlete management
software, such as Smartabase and Kinduct

The software runs on Windows on any desktop or laptop PC For Macs, it can be run by installing Windows on virtualization software like Parallels.