SmartCoach™ is a range of products composed by measurement devices and software, which cover all the needs in modern, professional strength training and rehabilitation:
  • measure and monitorize speed and power in real time during the exercise, both in the concentric and eccentric phase

  • provide a real-time feedback to guide the trainee in achieving the prescribed target power or speed

  • planning simple or complex training schedules for individuals or teams

  • perform assessments to evaluate the status of the trainee: left/right inbalance, power tests (power vs. load and power vs. speed curves), pain analysis, etc

SmartCoach™ products are targeted for use with weights as well as with flywheel (inertial) devices. The software also collects and analyzes training data from Exentrix, making it a all-in-one training monitoring environment.

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SmartCoach™ standard and Lite have the same software but two different power sensors. The SmartCoach™ Pro system uses one Pad on each machine and a central computer, and accepts both the standard Power Encoder or SmartCoach™ Lite's power meter.
Check out our selection chart to choose the most suitable product for your needs.

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Why SmartCoach?

Performance in sport is dictated by the athlete's capability of generating power. Power measures the attitude of producing force at high speeds, and affects the acceleration in sprints and changes of directions, the force transferred to a ball during kicks or throws, and so on.

Efficient training requires tools to monitor the athlete's performance - not only the force developed, but also speed and power. In rehabilitation and injury prevention, that allows precise dosing of the training load in completely safe conditions.

The SmartCoach™ range of products covers all these needs in modern strength training. They allow performance assessment with classical weights, but also with the innovative flywheel and VersaPulley™ devices (gravity-independent equipment for eccentric training used by top athletes and teams).

Check out the table above to select your most suitable product:

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What is SmartCoach?

SmartCoach™ systems are composed of: a power meter, a data acquisition and analysis software and, for flywheel and VersaPulley™ devices only, a dedicated sensor.
During exercise, the power meter acquires data from the training device and feeds it into the software. The analysis software is the same for the entire range of products, and allows:
  • real-time feedback on power, speed and eccentric overload to guide the athlete in the correct execution; both concentric and eccentric phases can be displayed

  • preparation of training schedules (including aerobic/core and custom exercises) from a library of over 100 exercises

  • fast management and propagation of training schedules to an entire team or group

  • creation of a database of athletes or patients and groups and text reports

  • measurement of all the training variables: force, speed, power, work, range of motion and eccentric overload

  • progress reports to assess the improvement along the training regimen

  • power tests to estimate power-load and power-speed curves, and assess optimal training load and speed

  • analysis of the propulsive and braking phase

  • assessment of maximum load (1RM) and pain indexes

  • specific feedback modes to control eccentric overload with flywheel devices (such as kBox and VersaPulley™)

  • features to assess right/left imbalance and compare power tests (left vs right, pre vs post, etc)

  • data export to Excel and raw data analysis

  • advanced features (e.g. variable-profile feedback)

  • remote coaching capability

...and much, much more

Which SmartCoach?

Different solutions are available to cover any possible need:

  • SmartCoach™ Standard Pack: it comprises the software and a SmartCoach Power Encoder.
    It is useable with weights (weight stack machines, barbells and free weights) and with flywheel devices ( kBox, VersaPulley™, etc)

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  • SmartCoach™ Lite Pack: it's a stripped-down version of the SmartCoach Power Encoder, targeted for use with flywheel devices only (VersaPulley™ and kBox).
    It has the same powerful software at an even more affordable price.

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  • SmartCoach™ Pro is an integrated, multi-device system to monitor an environment with several training devices and multiple users at once, such as a team's training ground.
    Each machine is equipped with a monitor that records data and provides feedback while exercising; data is analyzed from a central workplace with the same software.
    In a SmartCoach™ Pro environment it is possible to monitor weights, VersaPulley™ and any type of flywheel devices.

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Where SmartCoach?

The SmartCoach™ software includes an unique remote coaching function, which allows controlling your athletes from anywhere in the world.

The remote coaching function requires the following:
  • at the training location: any SmartCoach™ system (computer + software + Power Encoder or Lite), or a SmartCoach™ Pro environment

  • at the coaching location: a computer with SmartCoach™ software installed

  • a registration for remote coaching for each athlete or subject

  • an internet connection at both training and coaching locations

Once remote coaching has been setup, remote coaches/consultants can create and send exercise schedules to their athletes, and receive and analyze their data once the training is over.
For added flexibility, this function does not require coaches and athletes to be online at the same time. It also includes an handy messenger to exchange communication from within the software.

Remote coaching also works for Pro systems, meaning that is possible to oversee from remote one training grounds and entire teams! Isn't it smart?

Spinning flywheels with SmartCoach

For use with SmartCoach™, isoinertial/flywheel training devices require a sensor to be installed, with a cable that plugs into the SmartCoach Power Encoder or SmartCoach Lite.

VersaPulley™ devices are SmartCoach ready™ and are offered with a preinstalled sensor. For older devices, you can purchase from us an easy-to-install sensor kit.

KBox devices are also offered in a SmartCoach ready™ version with factory-installed sensor.

For Yoyo Technology™ devices, contact us for support on purchasing and installing a compatible sensor.

SmartCoach™ products are only compatible with these original training machines. Refrain from clones!