SmartCoach™ products feature the following premium services:

Remote coaching

The SmartCoach™ software features an unique remote coaching function, also available for SmartCoach™ Pro environments. Through this feature, a remote operator (e.g. coach) can send traning schedules to distant athletes, receive their data after a training session, exchange messages and even annotate graphs with comments.

This function works by exchanging data over internet through the SmartCoach™ Cloud, in a similar manner as e-mails work: training schedules or exercise data are stored temporarily in the Cloud until the recipient downloads it. Therefore, it does not require the coach to be connected while the training session is in progress:
Applications include: coaching athletes in distant locations, collecting data from different places (e.g. large scale studies), managing teams from remote. Strength consultants can sell training monitoring services to several customers in different cities or countries.
Each athlete can have one or more remote coaches, and each coach can connect to one or more athletes. Since the system also works with a SmartCoach™ Pro environment, coaches or consultants can manage entire teams or training grounds from distance.

For maximum safety and confidentiality, data is transferred with an encrypted protocol, and remains on the Cloud only until the recipient downloads it. The requirement for this function are:
  • one ore more coaches, each one with a licensed copy of SmartCoach™ software on his computer

  • one or more athletes with computer, licensed copy of SmartCoach™ software and acquisition device (Power Encoder or Lite); alternatively, a SmartCoach™ Pro environment

  • one paid, registered remote coaching account for the coach

  • one paid, registered remote coaching account for each athlete

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Add-on software modules

New features for the SmartCoach™ software are in constant development. Some of them are offered as part of periodical updates, while the more specific ones are offered as paid add-on modules.

It is therefore possible to have a tailored version of the software for different user profiles (strength coaches, physiotherapists, personal trainers, etc) with just the necessary features. Those interested in specific, additional features have the option of purchasing them separately.

All the add-on modules are actually included with software installation. They just need to be purchased and activated online, without need for additional (re)installations.

License renewal

Once installed, the software starts in demo mode with limited functionality, and requires an activation code to unlock it. The activation code is sent to customers which purchased any SmartCoach™ product; they are personal and non transferrable, and can be used to activate a limited number of copies (by default one).

The activation code also allows free updates for a limited amount of time (by default, 12 months after activation). Once activated, the software will remain functional for its entire life, but updates will be downloadable for free only during that period.

When available, updates will be notified by the software together with a list of their new features. If your free update period is expired, you can decide to extend your license and upgrade to the new version, or remain with your current release. We offer the purchase of license extensions to:
  • extend the expiry date; i.e., to be able to download software updates for an additional period

  • add software activations; i.e., use the activation code to unlock additional software copies on other computers

For information about pricing and conditions, contact your Distributor.