Exentrix features the following premium services:


This paid service covers sport- or application-specific needs, not achievable with Exentrix's five default operating modes, such as simulating the type of resistance or stimuli of a particular sport.
Examples range from mixed training modes (e.g. flywheels in concentric, isokinetic in eccentric), resistance variable with time, joint angle or from user-defined file, interfacing Exentrix to other devices, and so on.

Customization is done by our Technical Service and consists of a "custom pack" file; once uploaded to Exentrix, it reprograms and installs in one of the four available custom slots. It is possible to upload or rewrite custom modes an unlimited number of times.

Customizations developed for a customer can be added to our Custom Library Store and made available to others; whenever a custom mode is sold, the author will be compensated with a royalty.

Example of customization: flywheel mode with time-variable inertia. The time course of concentric and eccentric inertia and superimposed vibrations (amplitude and frequency) follow an arbitrary, user-defined profile uploaded from file. It was developed for slalom skiers, to mimic the variable eccentric force along different ski tracks by an user-entry table or graph. It was developed for slalom skiers, to replicate the time course of efforts in different ski tracks

Hardware interfaces and ancillary peripherals

Exentrix also features an expansion interface with safe, optically isolated inputs and outputs. They can be used to connect external sensors (goniometers, load cells, EMG probes, photocells, contact mats) or peripherals (indicators, buzzers,electrical stimulators, data acquisition systems, and so on).

Our Technical Service also offers design and development of interfaces, cables, adapters and even dedicated peripherals to connect to Exentrix.

Mechanical adaptations

Exentrix can not only work as a stand-alone device, but can be adapted to existing machines. An example is to use its motor unit to substitute the weight stack of a training device with, turning it into active equipment.
We provide consultancy for these types of adaptations by designing adapters, flanges supports and supply you with technical drawings or dedicated mechanical parts.

We also offer the bare motor and electronics as OEM parts if you want to develop your own device. Contact us for additional info.