SmartCoach™ product line: performance controlled

SmartCoach™ is a range of products composed by measurement devices and software, which cover all the needs in modern, professional strength training and rehabilitation:
  • measure and monitorize speed and power in real time during the exercise

  • provide a real-time feedback to guide the trainee in achieving the prescribed target power or speed

  • planning training schedules for individuals or teams

  • perform assessments to evaluate the status of the trainee: left/right inbalance, power tests, pain analysis, etc

SmartCoach™ products can be used for weights and flywheel (inertial) devices.
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Exentrix - next generation training

Exentrix is an intelligent, active, multifunctional training device which establishes a completely new philosophy in training and rehabilitation! Resistance is provided by a powerful microprocessor-controlled electrical motor; this opens an horizon of new functionalities impossible to obtain with conventional training devices.

Its several operating modes make it many training devices in one: free weights, flywheel devices, rubber bands, an isokinetic machine and more. It is also fully customizable for specific training or rehabilitation needs.

Resistance and speed can be adjusted separately for the concentric and eccentric phases, and its many unique features include superimposed vibrations and random perturbations. Exentrix training data can be recorded in SmartCoach™ software for detailed analysis.
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