What is SmartCoach

SmartCoach™ is a range of products composed by measurement devices and software, which cover all the needs in modern, professional strength training and rehabilitation:
  • measure and monitorize speed and power in real time during the exercise, both in the concentric and eccentric phase

  • provide a real-time feedback to guide the trainee in achieving the prescribed target power or speed

  • planning simple or complex training schedules for individuals or teams

  • perform assessments to evaluate the status of the trainee: left/right inbalance, power tests (power vs. load and power vs. speed curves), pain analysis, etc

SmartCoach™ products are targeted for use with weights as well as with flywheel (inertial) devices. The software also collects and analyzes training data from Exentrix, making it a all-in-one training monitoring environment.

What is Exentrix

Exentrix is an intelligent, active, multifunctional training device which establishes a completely new philosophy in training and rehabilitation! Resistance is provided by a powerful microprocessor-controlled electrical motor; this opens an horizon of new functionalities impossible to obtain with conventional training devices.
Its several operating modes make it many training devices in one: free weights, flywheel devices, rubber bands, an isokinetic machine and more. It is also fully customizable for specific training or rehabilitation needs.

Resistance and speed can be adjusted separately for the concentric and eccentric phases, while its real-time feedback monitors the training parameters during exercise. Its many unique features including superimposed vibrations and random perturbations make it a unique tool in a gym or rehabilitation center.

Exentrix training data can be recorded in SmartCoach™ software for detailed analysis.

These products are targeted to the following professionals:
preparatore atletico

Strength and conditioning coaches

SmartCoach™ products allow strength coaches individualize and adjust the training program to the needs of their athletes, monitorize their evolution and perform periodical performance evaluations.
SmartCoach™ Standard and Lite are the entry-level products for individual athletes or periodical assessments in teams. SmartCoach™ Pro is targeted mainly to team sports and/or environments, such as training grounds, since it allows simultaneous feedback-drived training and monitoring of several athletes at once.

With its several exercise modes, Exentrix substitutes several classic training devices. Its features allows precisely dosing the resistance and eccentric overload, while the random perturbation options mimic the in-match physiological conditions (e.g. tackles, instabilities, etc).

Physiotherapists and professionals in rehabilitation

Thanks to the real-time feedback, SmartCoach™ products are the perfect tools for rehabilitation sessions in totally controlled and safe conditions. Particularly, SmartCoach™ Pro allows handling multiple patients at once under the supervision of the real-time feedback.
The performance assessment tools allow estimating the subjects's recovery over time, while the test features permit the evaluation of potential functional asymmetries. Specific features allow tracking subjective pain scores.

Exentrix's adjustable range of motion and intrinsically-safe training modes such as isokinetic, make it a perfect device for rehabilitation.
The possibility of separate adjustments for concentric and eccentric phases add further degrees of safety and completely new rehabilitation approaches; for example, by reducing or removing completely the concentric or eccentric phase, and reintroducing it in a gradual and controlled manner.
personal treiner

Personal trainers and fitness centers

Monitoring training sessions with SmartCoach™ products is a great added value for personal trainers, which can quantitatively assess the progress of their customers and spur them with objective results. For those working at their customers' place, it's enough carrying a Power Encoder or Lite and a laptop computer.
Another smart way to exploit SmartCoach™ features is to rent an acquisition device (Power Encoder or Lite) to their customers, then use the remote training function to comfortably coach them from office or home.
Fitness centers and gyms can offer periodical training sessions monitored by SmartCoach™ as bonus packages to their gold members, building the customer motivation and reduce drop-outs.

Finally, Exentrix's many training modes enclose an entire gym in a single, portable machine. This makes it perfect for the execution of a whole range of exercises even in smaller environments where space is a premium.