SmartCoach software

The latest software for SmartCoach™ products (SmartCoach Power or Weight Encoder, Lite, or Pro) is available here. It can also be downloaded for free evaluation (demo mode) with pre-recorded sample data.
The software can be installed on PCs running Windows 7 (SP2), 8 or Windows 10 with at least 2GB RAM, 1GB free hard-disk space, clock speed 700MHz or higher, and at least one free USB port
Make sure you read the notes at the bottom of this page for more information.


Note: once installed, the software starts in demo mode with some functions disabled. If you purchased a software license or any SmartCoach™ Pack (encoder + software), contact your distributor to obtain your personal activation code to unlock the software.
For first time installation on a new computer, download and install both components 1 and 2 (in this order). To upgrade an existing copy, only install component 2.
Before installing the software, make sure you operating system is up to date; read the notes at the end of this page.

What would you like to do?
  • Install the software on a new computer
  • Upgrade an existing copy of the software
download smartcoach database engine

1. SmartCoach database engine (first time installation only)

SQL Server for SmartCoach

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download smartcoach software

2. SmartCoach software (first time installation or upgrade)

Software + device driver installer. Version, July 2019

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download guide

3. SmartCoach quick start guide

Brief guide to install, activate and move the first steps in the software

demo database

4. Demo database

Sample database with pre-recorded data. Follow the instructions on this page

download SmartCoach Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

8. SmartCoach Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Any question related to SmartCoach products or software? Consult this list of common questions before. If your question is not listed, contact us here for further information


The software works under any Windows version from XP to 10, and in Mac PCs under Windows emulation (e.g. with BootCamp or equivalent) or with a separate Windows partition.

For new installations, it is necessary to install BOTH components starting from component 1 (database engine).

It is also paramount that, prior to installation of component 1, the operative system be up to date by following these instructions:

In particular for Windows 7, it is required that Service Pack 1 (SP1) is installed. It can be downloaded here:

Device drivers are installed automatically with component 2 (main software). Make sure you accept any message prompting to install the driver and confirm trusting the software coming from SmartCoach Europe AB.

Once the software is installed, language can be selected among: English, Spanish, Italian and French from the menu Tools > Language and units.
Measurement units can be selected between metric (kg, m/s) or imperial (lbs, ft/s) from the same menu.

Exentrix software

The Exentrix software is supplied with the device. Please contact us at if you need assistance to install a new copy.


Need detailed info? Download our product brochures below:
download SmartCoach product line brochure

SmartCoach product line brochure