Evaluate SmartCoach software before purchase

The SmartCoach software works with the SmartCoach Power Encoder and SmartCoach™ Lite.
The software for SmartCoach™ Pro is the standard software with the Pro module enabled to activate certain additional functions. Hence it can also be evaluated with this demo.

To try the software, a demo database with pre-recorded data and training sessions is included with the installer. It is sufficient to accept to import the demo data when prompted during the installation phase.

If the demo data has not been imported at that stage, it is possible to do it at anytime from this page. If your database already contains training data or users, make sure you do not replace your database with the demo, but merge them together:
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SmartCoach demo database


How to load the demo database

To load the demo database once you have installed the software, proceed as follows:
  • download the demo database from the link above

  • start the software. The login window will appear

  • click on the downwards arrow (More...) on the left, to display the additional icons and options

  • click on the wrench icon (tools and options) and select Import (restore) database (Figure 1)

  • a new window will appear (Figure 2); select Replace database and click OK

  • a message will warn that your current database will be overwritten; since you actually have no useful data, click OK

  • browse for the database you just downloaded and click OK (Figure 3)

  • you might get the message that the database needs to be updated; confirm without making a backup copy

  • wait until the import procedure is finished (Figure 4)

NOTE: if you already have training data and want to merge the demo data with yours, proceed as follows:
  • make a backup of your current database (click on the wrench icon and select Export (backup) database)

  • import the demo database (Import (restore) database and then Replace database) following the steps above

  • reimport your own database (Import (restore) database and then Merge database)

This procedure will update both yours and the demo database to the latest version, since it is not possible to merge two different versions.
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How to use the demo database

Once imported, the software will restart. You might get a notification that the database will have to be updated, asking if you want to perform a backup first; click No and wait until finished.
You can now select the user (athlete or patient) from the login window and enter the software for evaluation. You can refer to the quick start user guide on the download page to get started with the software. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us or our distributors to receive additional information.